Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The End of the Season

The trip to Warrensburg marked the end of marching band season. We had a really good year placing high in each of the competitions we entered. The band instructor commented on how the band was one of the easiest he has had to work with. What he meant was there are no problems from a behavior standpoint. I think he has learned not to do a big trip because the band now attracts students that want to be in the band for the band and not the trip.

This picture is of the Odessa, Missouri band. They had some great photo props as the back drop for their performance. What an ink jet printer huh?

Hope everyone is having a good week.


Mark said...

Great composition on this one. It looks just like something I'd expect to see in a newspaper or magazine.

JAM said...

This is a really good shot. I wish I had taken band in high school, but I was musically ignorant (still am for the most part).

We have big plotters for printing out electrical schematics and the like at work, and those babies can print some massive color prints. I'd sure hate to pay for all of that ink though. That stuff costs way more than gas, ounce per ounce.

Sorry I haven't been around in a while. I'm trying to hit a few folk's blogs every day, and finally got to you.

Kerri said...

Very neat shot! Love that backdrop!

photowannabe said...

Super shot . I like how you caught them in their routine.
Have a great weekend yourself, Mike.