Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Giants This Way Pass

Its approach I first see,
a blinding light on the dark monster.
I can see birds fleeing its path,
cars race to get out of its approach.
Leaves on the fading fall trees launch into the air
as the blast of its mighty exhaust frees them .
It speaks its presence at each crossing,
getting louder as it closes.
Standing on the station platform
the ground begins to shake,
the throb of its diesel engines drown out all other noise.
Its horn blares its presence to all.
Suddenly the great locomotives pass.
The sound of metal against metal sings in the winds of its passing.
The noise dies to leave the sound of the metal wheels
and the breeze of each passing car.
A clack on the track counts each one of the cars
and sings a hymn for each one.
One, two...a hundred and the storm passes
and fades into the distance.
The sound of birds, dogs and children playing returns
as the giant heads west.


Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi Mike

Great variety of shots as always, I particularly like these ones of the trains. I always think of you every time a train passes here LOL. Maybe I need to change from the real horses to the steel horses for a bit too!!!! Hmmm food for thought. LOL I certainly dont have a shortage of trains to photograph here. We even get the odd passenger train but that is very rare. The think I like the most is when those yellow/orange machines that they use for maintenance go down the tracks all in a row one after the other, all shapes and sizes spaced out so that the booms on the crossing can lower and lift after each one so that any cars can get through because there can be about 20 different ones!!! We also have a maintenance truck that can drop metal wheels down that fit the track so that it lifts it off the normal wheels and runs on the track. I will make a point of trying to get some shots next time I see them. I do have one from the other day which I will post but one of the fillies popped her head up in front of me as I clicked and i got the machine between the ears!!

I digress. Hope all is well, we are on our way into winter already, from above average weather to below average in a matter of weeks, flurries yesterday.



jel said...

way cool!

have a great day!

Pat Jenkins said...

you need a steam engine for the accompanying poem.... it takes me back to what some of a day gone by thought of that on the rails!!!

photowannabe said...

Mike, did you write the prose? You have a gift if you did. the pictures are awesome too. I'm getting to be a fan of trains and all of their parts.

Cris said...

Oh Mike, this is good huh. Love trains too.

Elaine said...

The fourth one is my favorite. Nice bit of writing!

ASH's Eye said...

I love the title and text. Its great how you show the train coming, coming, going, and gone!

Faye Pekas said...

I love these photos. They each gave a wonderful glow. And what a great poem to go with the shots.

Mike, thanks so much for your thoughts and your prayers. I am so blessed to have so much support from blogger friends.

Kerri said...

This is so nifty! The train shots are amazing.... and the text... Wow! You have a gift!

Salty said...

Great work Mike! I love the warm lighting, Awesome!!

I can see why you made a story from these shots, it would be impossible to pick just one as the single best.

MedaM said...

Beautiful series of locomotive photos and impressive lines which go with photos.

Shelby said...

great train shots!

JAM said...

Wow, Mike, this is a really neat set of photos. I like the top one best for some reason. When I was a kid we lived near a train track and would kill snakes and lay them on the track to see them ran over and chopped in half.

Yeah, we were cruel. I don't want to be a kid again. God has forgiven me for all that stuff, but I'm not sure about the snake's families.

Carmi said...

I love how you view the world, Mike. In this amazing sequence, I managed to see myself standing beside the tracks, feeling the sense of wonder as a massive machine rumbles out of the distance and almost instantly creates a sense of drama that attracts everyone's attention.

It's why I love railways, and why they attract me when I've got my camera slung over my shoulder.