Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Native American Pow-Wow Missouri State University

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today's shots were taken in the McDonald Arena on the Missouri State Campus. The Native American Pow-Wow was sponsored by the University's department of Ethnic Studies (Not sure what the official name is).

These are a proud people and I won't get onto my soapbox of how I feel they have been treated in American history.

I thought this series was appropriate for Thanksgiving weekend.


Mark said...

That guy in the far left of the first picture unwittingly reminds me of a Klingon. I think that says more about me than him. ;-)

I always like pictures of events like this. I've only been to a couple, and managed to grab a few decent shots.

One was in a community called Solgohachia, Arkansas, a stop on the Trail of Tears, and much of my family attended because we trace our Cherokee roots back to this little town.

I wish there was a good way to make amends for our country's history of shame regarding indigenous peoples.


It's too bad the U didn't do a better job of advertising this.

Great shots, Mike.

Kerri said...

Great post Mike!
The shot in the middle is truly amazing!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lara said...


i'm part native american - it's actually the main reason i went to stanford as opposed to other schools, because i felt their native community was really awesome.

stanford's annual powwow is the biggest on the west coast, with about 100,000 folks attending each year. i've danced in it before, and it's a great event.

i certainly celebrate thanksgiving, because i think the idea of spending a day devoted to friends, family, and gratitude is great. but i do always feel that it's a bit tainted by the "history" that folks attach to it.

thanks for this picture. :)

Wolf Lover Girl said...

Hey Mike! I found you through a comment you made on Lara's blog.

I love these pictures of the pow wow, especially the middle one. It looks "old timey" :-)

I think it's very appropriate with the season. And I agree with the soapbox, I'll have to share it with you!

~ Wolf Lover Girl