Friday, December 07, 2007

Pearl Harbor

Picture from USN Archives

This picture provokes more memories to me than any other in history. I don't know exactly why, as I was not even born yet. My father served in WW2 and perhaps this is the reason. It represents the last time I can see from a historical standpoint that we came together as a nation for a war. We were just and there was no question whom the enemy was.

Today the nations we were at war against are our greatest friends and much has changed. The enemy in the wars of today are more ellusive. The reasons more political and less noble.

This remains in my mind one of the greatest photographs ever taken. It stirred more to action than any other. The battleship USS Arizona remains today on the mud at the bottom of Pearl Harbor, an interment for the thousand or so that died on her. She remains on the Navy ship list. Her name provokes memories for many. May the Arizona rest in peace and may those that perished with her be blessed.

Let us not forget Pearl Harbor.


Mark said...

Interesting that you post this powerful photograph today. Just last night, I was thinking of WWII, in large part because I've been watching Ken Burns' amazing documentary "The War."

This is a haunting image that I'm not surprise moved people to action.

photowannabe said...

Powerful picture and tribute to the lives lost for our freedom. My Father in Law was in the Army and stationed at Schofield barracks with his wife and soon to be born child (my husband) Hubby was born 3 weeks later in King Kamahamaha High School since all the hospitals were full of the Pearl Harbor wounded. Dad was not injured and lived a good long life of continued active service.

Wolf Lover Girl said...

Like you I was not yet born, and since I wasn't around when this happened I often forget "the date". So I had completely forgotten about this date until I saw this post. I don't even recall seeing anything on the news to remind us of this date. Of course since I was around for September 11th, I'll never forget it and often think of that horrible day.

Thanks for the reminder!

~ Wolf Lover Girl