Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wilson's Creek Visitor Center

This is a picture of people going to and coming from the Visitor Center ceremony for the Luminary Festival. A heavy mist and generally yucky day keep the crowd down somewhat but it was still well attended.

We escaped the ice storm this time. We had a heavy coating on Monday morning but it was pretty well gone by the end of the day. I am sick for those in Oklahoma who are suffering the brunt of this storm. Also the towns along the western edge of Missouri, Lamar in particular was hard hit.

I am trying to make some rounds. I apologize for not commenting often lately and I will attempt to do better.


photowannabe said...

Hi Mike, I was thinking about you. Happy to hear you escaped the worst of the storm. I am sorry for those in OK. The paper this morning said 1 million are without power. That's huge.
We have a grey, blah day here too but the temp. is at 50F. now, so its not bad at all.

Mark said...

I've always loved luminaries, but it seems like I rarely see them anymore.

Kerri said...

I have never been to a luminary festival....but I bet it would be "enlightening".

Glad you didn't get the bad part of that storm. We have one headed this way for Saturday/Sunday...they are not sure if it will be snow/ice or just rain. Whatever it will be precipitation which we definitely need.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi MiKe

Please don't apologise I for one know exactly how it is. Just know that I think of you guys and am glad that you missed the worst of the ice. Ours was pretty mild too but bad enough and we are expecting 6-10" snow between Saturday morning and Sunday. I can live with the snow but am glad that I dont have to drive in it, it is just better when coping with the horses.

Keep smiling, things will get better, just think, from 22nd Dec the days will start getting longer again!!! Yaaay.



'Through-JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

be carefull NOT to come in another ice storm and this photo is great!

Come and look at my blog and see my alternative christmas decoration. Have a great week/weekend!

JoAnn greetings,

Salty said...

The luminaries are beautiful!

Each year Antietam does this, one for each fallen soldier but I have yet to brave the traffic to see it. After seeing this post I may have to consider it next year.

I understand your issues with commenting. I find I must limit myself to a few each day or I have no time for much of anything else!

oldmanlincoln said...

I am happy for you that you escaped the ice storms. We got dumped on with snow all day on Saturday and Sunday and then rain and icy rain and then just warm enough to make the snow pack and hard to move. So we had to wait until it got colder and froze up again before we could use the snow blower and get it off the sidewalk and drivway.

Nice post. I like your photos a lot.

Luke Wiley said...

nice picture, glad to here your OK after the storm!