Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sunset at Roaring River State Park

I badly misjudged the time to get to Roaring River State Park the other day and we only had time for a few shots and the lighting was not really good for any of them This is a shot of the headwaters of the stream that comes out of the rocks and goes down through the fish hatchery. Trout are the item here and the river or stream hosts hundreds of anglers on day one of trout season.

The water color is a faithful rendition. I am not sure what makes it so green/blue. If you look closely you can see some dark areas which are trout just below the surface.


Kerri said...

Wow...I clicked on to enlarge and I CAN SEE THE TROUT! How neat is that??!!!

Great Post!!!

Mark said...

Hey! A place that I've been a few times.

That observation deck in the upper right corner is a cool spot to watch the people and the fish.

Cool place, and nice to be transported back there, Mike. Thanks.

jel said...

that Buff looks alot like the buffs around here!

neet shot!

photowannabe said...

Thanks for telling us to check out the trout. They look like they are pretty good size.
I do like how you captured just the edge of sunlight on the treetops. It gives a moodiness to the picture.

Cris said...

Amazing!!! Love trouts, my husband and kids just caught some today at a place called Fishing on the mountains.

Kekiinani said...

Hey this is very lovely. You can see the trout in that beautiful water. Wonder what makes it that color. What a nice area!! Nice sunlight on the tree tops!! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice photo. Very nice.

Wolf Lover Girl said...

How very cool, seems like a great place to visit and fish.

~ Wolf Lover Girl

Joboo said...

Nice picture. I love living 10 minutes from here.

The blue color is the reflection of light off of the minerals dissolved in the water. Generally calcium carbonate from limestone. Different springs can have different colors if they contain different minerals & other impurities.