Thursday, February 07, 2008

Capitol Tracks

The Union Pacific Railroad traverses the south side of the Missouri River at Jefferson City. This is their small facility and turning wye there. There is Amtrak service on this line from Kansas City to Saint Louis. One of these days I would like to take that trip.

There are many this day hurting in Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi. Please keep those in your prayers as the wild and violent weather continues...

I have not been able to get out much lately which accounts for the lack of posts. I hope everyone is doing well.


Anna said...

I totally understand Mike! But I love this shot. The capitol in the background is striking!

Have a good Thursday!

jel said...

that is a cool shot,
that was a bad storm that went though,

hope all is well with ya too!

take care!

Salty said...

Magnificent shot! The B&W compliments the cold "industrial" look of the scene.

I've been watching the news on the storm, truly heart-wrenching

photowannabe said...

I can't begin to fathom the wild distructive power that has caused such sorrow in the South. My heart goes out to them. Please take care of yourself and stay safe.
Terrific shot of the Capitol and trains. I really like this composition, especially in black and white.

Mark said...

Silhouettes are always attractive to me. With the shiny tracks in the foreground, this one stands out great.

bluemountainmama said...

i love the perspective in this shot, mike. very nice.

yes, the victims of the wild storms have been in my thoughts. i got word from friends in kentucky where it hit. the dad and son were in their shed, and it was decimated. thankfully they didn't receive any serious injuries.

Joel Reynolds said...

Very cool shot. Well done.