Saturday, February 23, 2008

Recharging the Batteries

Today Teresa and I went to the Pittsburg State University Student Association of Photographers Perspectives of Photography seminar. The student photographers of Pittsburg State University (Kansas) put on an excellent seminar. There were 4 sessions and all the speakers were great. We were invited to this by our fellow Southwest Missouri Camera Club member Kim who is an alumni of the Pittsburg program.

This is the second seminar we have done in the last couple of weeks and I find that my batteries have been recharged in this dismal Missouri winter. I absolutely love this hobby.

Today's pictures are of Cooky's Cafe, a famous landmark in the rural Missouri town of Golden City. It will be interesting to see if any of you have ever eaten at Cooky's. I have eaten there with my family many times in the years gone by. They have always been famous for their pies so dessert was always a must.

As you can see the weather was dismal, heavily overcast and at the time I took this picture sleet was coming down. All in all though it was a great day. I love seeing young people enthusiastic about what they are studying and doing. That is what I see at Pittsburg State University.

Get out and recharge your batteries this week. I will be discussing more about the seminar and what it did for me as we go into the coming week.


jel said...

Sounds like ya 2 had a good time,

and sounds like we R in store, for somemore winter stuff tonite! ;(

spring is just around the corner, just hear some low flying geese , go by the house!

have a great sunday!

Mark said...

Pictures of vintage spots like that always make me smile. I haven't been to Golden City, but Cooky's is on my list now if I ever go there.

What is it about Kansas and photography? When I was a photojournalism intern at The Hutchinson News, at least two of the professional photogs there were graduates of Fort Hays State University, and they were great at what they did.

Luke Wiley said...

I'm sorry but I haven't eaten there...Great shot of this landmark though! I'll charge my batteries, if I remember.
Wiley Willows Photoblog!

Anna said...

I love the neon sign Mike. It is good to remember to take time to recharge your makes me a better person, a better photographer when my passion is renewed. :)

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Cool store front.

Thanks for the comment...exactly ;)

Kerri said...

OH that sounds like such FUN! I really need to do something like this!!

I like the shot of the Cafe....what was for dessert??

Lara said...

sounds great! i could always use a recharge... :)