Monday, March 10, 2008

Drumline Pictures Continued

I was on a mission during the latest drumline competition. One of the categories for our upcoming camera club scavenger hunt is "panning" so I was practicing. The speeds at which the drumline moved on the floor rarely got fast enough to get a good panning shot but sometimes they got close.

These shots were all indoors and shot at an ISO of 1600 therefore there is a lot of noise in the shots which can distract or sometimes enhance a shot. I dropped the shutter to around F10 which increase my exposure time then I panned with a target band member. The bottom shot is one of those attempts.

The top picture is of Amy again. It isn't the clearest of pictures but it shows her having fun. (Couldn't resist!)

Have a great week.


Mark said...

I like the panning shot. It sounds like you kind of shot yourself in the foot by closing down to F/10.

To increase your exposure time, you could decrease your ISO (you said you had been shooting at 1600). That way, you can open your aperture up wider. So, less depth of field and more background blur.

Just a thought.

Mike said...

That is true now that you mention it. I will have to just try again next week! :)

young349 said...

Good job Dad! You should print that bottom picture so Amy or I can give it to John. He would love it!

photowannabe said...

Love these shots. Beautiful daughter and I like the results of the panning.

Heidi said...

Neato shots! (I love listening to marching band percussion lines.)

Also, loved the photo of the door a couple of posts back. Very nice!

Anna said...

I love these images. The drumline was my favorite to listen to in high school. It always gets everyone going!

Hope you had a good weekend Mike!