Friday, April 11, 2008

Yellow in Waiting

Now that I am out of suitable archive pictures for Project Yellow I made a mad dash to Nathaniel Greene Park to seek out yellow.

At the Master Gardeners Exhibition Garden I found these little jewels waiting to be planted into the warming ground. Unfortunately they must survive torrential downpours and coming freezing temperatures to get there.


Texas Travelers said...

Nice search and find.

Good yellow series.

I really like your choice of masthead.

Troy in Ft. Worth

Mines up. come visit.

Anna said...

I love all these Mike! What I really love is that you went out to get some fresh images! I have not used an archive image yet so I am loving the flurry of activity of others getting out and finding yellow just like me!

I am glad you are liking it!

Carletta said...

They certainly are little jewels - I especially like the pot with the writing on it!
Can hardly wait to see what we all dash out and find tomorrow!

Lilli & Nevada said...

What a nice find. will be nice this summer

Anonymous said...

I hope they make it. THis weather is nuts.

Kerri said...

Oh i LOVE your caption!! Fabulous shot!