Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Favorite Place to Take Pictures

I think everyone has a favorite place to go and take pictures. Mine is Wilson's Creek National Battlefield. Teresa and I went out this morning and just spent most of the morning at the first stop, Gibson's Mill. We wandered around for about two hours along the short trail and saw one lizard, two snakes, a small covey of quail, two great blue herons, and about 25 humans.

It was finally a beautiful day and tonight they are having a concert so we will be returning there. Hopefully I will have more pictures then too.


Mark said...

We never made it to this site when we lived in Monett. You always manage to find a cool image there.

When I saw the fence, the first thing I thought was "Cade's Cove" in the Smoky Mountains. That's a cool place, too, if you can stand the lines of cars.

photowannabe said...

Really nice shot Mike. I like the angle composition of the fence and the textures.
Hubby and I had a great picture-taking day too.
Temps were 103 F. but we had fun anyway.