Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Presidential Front Porch

Harry Truman was a simple man from Missouri. He returned to this house in Independence many times while he was President of the United States and he returned here to lead a normal life after his presidency while most former presidents move to warmer and fancier homes. This house was the former home of his wife Bess's parents. He loved Independence.

Harry Truman served nearly a full eight years as president, taking office shortly after being elected vice president when Franklin Delanor Roosevelt passed a way a few scant months into his fourth term. He faced and made many of the most important decisions which shaped the United States the way it is today.


Stacy said...

You know what I liked about Harry? On his 60th wedding anniversary, he wrote memories from each year down for his wife. He also barred a reporter from the White House for writing something negative about her. He drew the line between writing about his presidency and writing about his wife.

Love this picture!

Cris said...

I guess I'll do some research about him... thanks for the beautiful picture.

photowannabe said...

A very charming home and I like that he stayed in his hometown.
Nice to see a post from you Mike.

jel said...

nice shot!

from what i have read about him, I liked. my dad had a friend that looked just like Mr. Truman!

hi Mike, how are ya!