Saturday, May 31, 2008

Springfield Xeriscape Garden

Where do I begin? Teresa had to work today to finish up her school year records, etc. So I decided I would go out and spend the morning taking pictures. I thought about where I could go and ended up choosing the Xeriscape Garden. A xeriscape garden is one were the yard is divided into zones and planted accordingly. For example, zone 1 might consist of water loving plants and this zone is irrigated most. Zone 2 would be plants that like to be moderately wet and are irrigated much less often. Zone 3 would be for native and dry climate plants which would be irrigated only in severe drought.

Over the next couple days I will show you some of the flowers blooming in our xeriscape garden here in Springfield. Maybe in this day of high prices and water shortages the xeriscape garden is something you could consider to preserve our precious water resources.

I used 3 lenses will taking pictures this morning. I started out with my 18-200mm. This shot was taken with that lens. After that I switched to my Macro and then eventually to my 70-300mm telephoto. It was a great morning to work slowly and really think about what your were doing and how you wanted to present your image to your audience. I starting off with an oddity. I converted this one to black and white after I saw in in my viewer I could just see this one that way. Perhaps later I will do the color shot.


Anna said...

I love the framing on that second shot Mike! And such a pretty subject!

Susan said...

The B&W is perfect as is. It really catches the eye!
Good work. I love mornings like that, they dont happen often enough.