Sunday, May 18, 2008

This One is for Lori

I took this shot yesterday at Wilson's Creek National Battlefield. Wire Road runs diagonally across the park. This was once the busiest "highway" between Springfield and Northwest Arkansas. Today it provides a great spot for horse enthusiasts to ride on a beautiful day.

This is where Lori comes in. I have been following Lori's blog since almost day one of my blogging and she has helped me immensely. So if you get a chance go here and see some of Lori's work. Her horse pictures are wonderful and I have enjoyed following a young fellow named Taxes for the last year. Taxes got his name because he was born on April 15, 2007. He is quite a little character and always seems to be getting into mischief.

Thanks Lori for your support and encouragement over the last couple of years. I know that taking pictures would have been a lot less fun without you and I wanted you to know how much you have helped me.

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Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Thanks so much for this dedication Mike, I am blushing LOL. I have enjoyed your blog immensely too it has brought back many memories of my childhood and growing up with a father who worked for the railroad just about all of his life. Whenever we went on our holidays, we used to go by train sometimes a two night three day trip. How things have changed.

I know you have been struggling recently (as I have been too) but just keep plugging away.

I love this picture, wish it was me sitting there riding on that beautiful day, hopefully I am going to do some of that this year.

Got back late last night from the show and slept from 8pm til 8am LOL.

Off to deal with that little brat Taxes and his buddies, they are bouncing off the walls wanting to be fed.

My regards and best wishes to you and your family, Ipromise I will get that picture I have envisioned one day but it might take a while because it is very specific.