Saturday, June 21, 2008

After the Storm

A number of you have inquired about our status with the Missouri weather. Fortunately the Springfield is not near the Mississippi or Missouri Rivers. So far for June we have had 11.08 inches of rain. As I have mentioned earlier our precipitation is nearing our normal annual amount. Thursday we suffered a small tornado which damaged a row of furniture stores, a factory roof and several homes.

We had suffered from about 3 years of drought and as one retired weatherman in the Ozarks used to say "we have to make up the averages. "

Today we had another severe thunderstorm and another 1/2 inch of rain. This is a leaf which was blown into our birdbath and I like the color when I had Chewie out today.

Oh and like Anna I am now the proud owner of my first Apple product. My oldest daughter, her fiance and Chewie got me an iPod shuffle. So I can now officially put the tag line in My iTunes.

So here it is...My iTunes: High Road to China Soundtrack by John Barry. (Did you expect something normal) I have always loved the music from this 1990 movie with Tom Selleck and Bess Armstrong and I got the idea to do a search for it on iTunes and there it was.


Anna said...

I am so excited that you got an ipod and that you are fairing well thre weather wise!

I LOVE everything about apple....from the ipod to my mac laptop....


Mark said...

Great pic here, Dave. I love leaves in the water.

Horsoon said...

A very nice shot!

Glad you enjoy your iPod! I think it's the greatest invention after DSLR camera ;)

JAM said...

I love the leaf shot. That's just the kind of thing that I love to find, and love to see when others have done it too.

I love everything about it, the colors, the contrast...

I was given an Ipod last year and was at first, underwhelmed. Now I have it with me everywhere and feel lost without it. Like you feel when you forget your watch.

I'll have to jump on the bandwagon with what I'm listening to as well. It's an idea well worth copy-catting.