Thursday, June 26, 2008

Come Into My Parlor

An image taken at the Xeriscape Garden a couple of weekends ago of a cactus with some new growth. The way the spines reach inward reminded me of a prison or a trap of some kind.

Cacti are one of my favorite plant subjects. I think I like them because they are not done every day. This was taken with the 18 - 200 mm lens.


Anonymous said...

Your cactus photo, which is well done, reminded me that the Canadian thistle that is growing between some rocks is getting bigger and not yet bloomed. I wanted to leave it for the animals and bumblebees and honey bees as a treat. There are so few of each that I have been forced to pollinate things myself and it takes a lot of time.

Anyway, I have been taking photos of this thistle which has some really wicked thorns on it growing everywhere and to test the pricks I touched it and was stunned that they are as soft and smooth as a Georgia Peach and that one prick in the lot. I suspect this is normal until the bloom appears and then to protect it from crawling up stalk predators the thorns become hard.

Don't know but that has to be the case.

photowannabe said...

Terrific closeup Mike. Love your title and I think I'll keep my fingers out of there.

Heidi said...

This photo is seriously cool!

And I just saw that I guessed the "beads" photo (from a few posts ago) correctly! You know, I think I just caught a glimpse of the background between the beads... otherwise I might not have known.

Take care and I will HAVE to remember to stop back by more often again! (I think I have said that before... but now I mean it. You are inspirational!)

Mark said...

"Trap" was the first thing I thought, and then "ouch!" Good photo.

Barb said...

Hi, Mike. I'm glad you stopped by --- don't you just love Virginia? My son is in the Navy and lived in Alexandria for 5 years. He is now in Norfolk. Being the great tour guide that he is, we get to see many awesome sights.