Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Common Thistle

OK, I have to admit that early morning light does make a difference. I have relied on mid-day shots for most of my pictures including many that have been entered and won competitions. This is primarily due to the time that I have been at a place in my travels, but it is also due to an aversion to getting up extremely early. My recent Xeriscape and Wilson's Creek pictures have convinced me to look more at that early morning light.

What about you? Do you mainly take pictures during the "Golden Hours" of early morning or late evening or do you just shoot when you want? Let me know...I am curious.


Kerri said...

I am an EARLY BIRD! But I LOVE to take pictures at all times of the day!

This is a FABULOUS shot!!

Mark said...

If it's sunny out, I pretty much resign myself to getting no good landscape pictures beyond about 8:30 or 9 a.m., and then not until after about 4:30 or 5 p.m. (depending on the time of year, of course).

Sunny and midday usually means macro shots for me, and maybe landscapes if we're talking wide open scenic vistas, especially with large expanses of open water (which usually is just a lake for me). When photographing sports or anything moving quickly outdoors, I prefer bright sun because I don't have very "fast" long lenses.

I find it impossible to get a nice flowing waterfall effect with direct sunlight shining down creating horrible shadows over everything. Same with outdoor portraits.

If it's completely overcast, I'm happy with the light pretty much all day. Nature's softbox! Some people are surprised how good colors look under overcast skies.

jel said...

if there is a picture opp, and i have my camera, I shoot,

unless the Law is around then I wait till they leave! (just kidding) ;)

photowannabe said...

Most of the time I'm not heading out to specifically take pictures so its potluck. I know the lighting is better early Am and late afternoon but that doesn't always fit into my schedule. So many times I see something that would make a great picture but the sun is too intense and the subject just looks flat so i miss the chance.
Love the thistle by the way. Nice shadows across the face.

Dianne said...

I shoot when and where I can. Around my yard I like early evening the best - especially in the fall - there's such an amazing clarity to the light.

I love your work.

Carletta said...

Amateur me shoots when it's there, but I have found the overcast days Mark mentions are good for me or late afternoon. I still have a huge learning curve to tackle.
Since retiring I don't do mornings if I don't have to :) I did catch the fog we had this morning though.

Your work is always so wonderful - no matter the light.

Lara said...

i definitely shoot when i happen to be around. and unless i'm still up from the night before? that's NEVER early in the morning. :-P

Anna said...

Oh my, you know me...I shoot when I want! I certainly know when the light is better but sometimes I get what I get because I might not get another chance! :) I love this image Mike!

Cris said...

I'm a morning person... and amateur, so I do what is easier for me. :-)