Monday, June 16, 2008

Re-enacting Involves All Ages

Couldn't resist a picture of this handsome young fellow who posed so perfectly for me for a split second and then he was off! I have taken more people shots lately and I am enjoying it.

I always enjoy being around re-enactors, especially those of the Civil War. Teresa and I both agreed they are a enthusiastic bunch and they have such a love of history. The passion runs deep here.


Stacy said...

the black and white makes the picture seem authentic.

Enjoy the reenactment! And have some of that fresh root beer for us....and pick a nice bottle to go with it. :) (Assuming that guy is still with the reenactment)

Anna said...

He is so handsome with those baggy clothes on! I am really enjoying these Mike. One of my favorite things about Durango is the Zuberfizz Rootbeer and of course the Orange and Vanilla Cream Soda!

Looks like Little House on the Prairie!

Mark said...

I agree with anna -- I fully expect to see little Melissa Gilbert rush into he scene.

I love that this boy is involved in something like that at such a young age, instead of just sitting inside playing video games (which are okay in moderation).

jel said...

love that picture!

photowannabe said...

This little guy just looks like he's stepped out of the past. Great shot Mike, especially in black and white.