Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It used to be when I started this blogging adventure I would never put people in my shots. I even avoided people waiting until there was no one close to take the shot. Now I include people whenever I can. Teresa and I were talking on our way home from Colorado and she said something that stuck with me. "I have not seen many people who earn from the types of shots we are taking on this trip, but there are a lot who earn from weddings, seniors and portraits." I thought a lot about what she said as I drove home and realized while I may never make any money at this there is a connection we make with a picture where there are people in the shot. I am not sure why this is; perhaps because we can substitute ourselves to where they are. Food for thought, perhaps you can share your thoughts?

This shot is in the Comanche National Grasslands, and Teresa and Amy are walking away from me on the Prairie Trail. Probably not what you would consider a Colorado shot, huh?

We are home from Colorado, many days too early. Amy became very ill very early Tuesday morning so we decided to head for home. I was afraid it was appendicitis, but we now believe it to be an acute case of altitude sickness. Either way when we returned to the plains of Kansas, her severe pain and nausea disappeared and life was back to normal. We were all disappointed to end our Colorado adventure early; especially Amy who had many things she wanted to do and see.

Thanks to my big brother Larry and his wife Carol we did see and do many things in our short stay. Among those things: camping life in a wonderful KOA campground, a mountain picnic, feeding chipmunks at St. Elmo, horseback riding, a real 4 wheel drive adventure to the Mary Murphy Mine, sitting back and enjoying a mountain thundershower under a camper awning, mountain sunrises and sunsets and most of all enjoying time with family.

Thanks Larry and Carol, I love you guys.


Anna said...

This shot is a stunning shot Mike....oh, that big blue CO sky! Love it! It is breathtaking to watch it load on the page!


Mark said...

I could look at that color blue all day long. So stop posting pictures of it!

Just gorgeous, Mike, and the people make the shot. (but, if I may, it is split exactly in half)

Barb said...

Welcome home; you've been missed! Looking forward to more photos from your trip.

Like you I try to avoid putting people in photos (except, of course weddings, family, etc), but there are times when the people add perspective, whether it is size or mood. In the picture you posted, I think the couple contributes the perspective of life's journey together, or I wonder about their conversation in what seems to be an isolated area. I could see this as a great stock photo because the open space of the sky could carry any number of headlines or captions, and the people make it important to the message. This is probably the longest comment I have ever written, but you inspired me with your photo and your question.

Barb said...

Ok, so in getting carried away with photographic philosophy I forgot that the people in the picture are Teresa and Amy. But, I think you can still get my point. :-)

Louise said...

The sky is wonderful. You won't see that kind of blue again in Springfield until October, probably!

Sorry your trip was cut short.

photowannabe said...

Beautiful picture and the family gives it perspective.
Glad your daughter is feeling better. That must have been scary. Dehydration and altitude can do quite a number on the body.

Kerri said...

Oh, I LOVE this shot Mike! Sorry that your trip was cut short...but VERY thankful it wasn't anything that required surgery!!

DrillerAA said...

If the subject matter doesn't need people, then I try to leave them out.
If I feel like I need people in the frame then I try to get them being themsleves and not posed.
However, I am just a truly rank amateur at this, so I wouldn't take my thought too seriously if I were you.
Love the photo. It has color, drama, it tells a story. It is very nicely done.