Wednesday, July 09, 2008

White Hart Renaissance Faire - Part 2

My iTunes: The Eagle and the Hawk - John Denver

One of the performers at the Renaissance Faire was the Royal Gauntlet Birds of Prey. This group rescues injured birds of prey and rehabilitates them to the best of their ability. They are licensed professionals so they remind everyone that it takes special permits to do what they do.

They put on a good show and it was very interesting learning about the different birds they were showing. I wish I could remember the names of each one but I can't.

Look carefully at the post above the gate

I believe this is a Harris Hawk

This is a Perrigan Falcon.

This may actually be the Harris Hawk! :)

The big hawk was impressive and he and his trainer had negotiations for food!

We ran into a friend from our Camera Club tonight and he asked how I find out about things like this. Well I find out about most of them through our local TV station KY3 which is very good about promoting local events. Unfortunately sometimes if it is only a one day event it is too late but I sometimes make a note for next year. I am still waiting for the local Sci-Fi convention. There would be all kinds of great pictures there!

Tomorrow, one more set of photos from the Faire, if Anna's new project doesn't get me off track! Until later have a good Thursday.

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