Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Front Porch to a Rail Yard

This picture was taken from about 20 feet in the air on the Commercial Street footbridge. I was pleasantly surprised to find this gem of a front porch. Many of you don't remember my whole series on front porches. You might want to dig back in the archives for that.
Tomorrow, more from the footbridge...until then write if the mood strikes.


photowannabe said...

I guess that's always been a wish of mine...to have a wrap-around porch with rocking chairs.
Really love this shot.
I don't think the portch will ever happen. I'm not planning on moving again. Guess I'll just have to get a rocking chair for my patio.

Ron Thornton said...

Mike, I like this beautiful wrap-around porch. And I do remember your great porch series. Nice job. Ron

jel said...

I love porchs,

I thinks everyone should have one!!


Louise said...

I could handle having a front porch like that!

Anna said...

Is that a front porch I see???