Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday Afternoon at Plaster Stadium

A college campus is a quiet place on a Sunday afternoon. Teresa and I went to the Ozarks Celebration Festival that is held annually on the Missouri State Campus and then we wandered around campus.


jel said...

what is the Ozarks Celebration Festival?

did ya have a good time

Mike said...


It is a festival put on by MSU to highlite Ozark crafts and music. I believe it is to acquaint the students with this stuff, although I didn't see many students!


Stacy said...

I miss that campus! It's a great campus. Especially this time of year. Which reminds me...can I put in my order for some fall pics? :) Maybe mother nature will cooperate this year.

Stacy said...

We're in Fort Worth now. Arrived two weeks ago, and we'll be here for about a year. We're having a good time being back in the states, for sure! I can't wait until Fall is really going strong. It's been 10 years!

I'll tell Em you liked her pictures. The one you like is her favorite, too. I think she has a good eye!

Enjoy Springfield. Maybe I'll make it up there with my folks when they visit, if the kiddo's school doesn't swallow up my schedule!

photowannabe said...

Magnificient sky and I really like how the different band of color divide the picture...the track, the grass, the stands and the sky. Nicely done.

DrillerAA said...

Great looking shot.
It's been a l-o-n-g time since I've been on the campus of then SMSU.

Anna said...

I love the header and the post! Wonderful!