Thursday, October 09, 2008

Signs of Fall - The Canadian Geese Return

These geese stepped literally into my path and my blog. They were blocking the road at the park I was having lunch at and I realized this was yet another sign of fall. So out came the trusty Olympus. Snap. Another sign of fall!
Canadian Geese are so numerous any more. They are prevalent here during the Fall, Winter and Spring; leaving for Canada only during the Summer. They are so numerous they are becoming a nuisance. As you can tell they are messy and they do damage to lawns and during the Spring they are downright aggressive!


Stacy said...

What a gorgeous walking path!

photowannabe said...

They are wonderful creatures but everything you said about them is true. Messy and aggressive but I do love watching them in flight.
Certainly another sign of Fall.

DrillerAA said...

They have become a serious problem here in Bella Vista, Arkansas over the past five years. Many of them are now year-round residents.