Sunday, November 23, 2008

Main Street - El Dorado Springs, Missouri

Like many small towns in Missouri the downtown of El Dorado Springs is struggling as many business move to the main highway or fire takes it's deadly toll. I took this shot with my wide angle lens which made the street look very broad! I also played a lot with this picture in Photoshop wanting to enhance the moody skies that were prevalent that day. I did that and then kept going. I really liked the way this one turned out with it's "old postcard" look.

We spent the day taking pictures and then spent the evening with our dear friends Howard and Virginia. They were my first employers and good friends of my Mom and Dad, both of whom have passed on. Howard sold and worked on TV's and I helped him. We used to work on TV antennas and I always dreaded those that were on old 2 story farm houses. I couldn't stand being on that wobbly ladder! It was a great first job and I give a lot of credit to Howard and Virginia to get me started with good work habits and teaching me so much about myself.

The other person I always visit when I venture to El Dorado Springs is my best friend Danny. Danny was killed in an automobile accident about 20 years ago now. He is buried in a small rural cemetery near Filley, Missouri. We used to build ship models together during the summer evenings in my garage. I put one of those models on his grave about 19 years ago. It remains there to this day.

This has been a very hard post for me, but one that is long overdue. Thanks for taking the time to read along.


jel said...


and thank your for sharing your thoughts !

gina said...

i guess some posts are just therapeutic, and this must have been one of them. :) it's amazing that the model ship is still there after 19 years! i love the finished has appeal and caught my attention when i first saw it. good work.

Mark said...

Great picture, and what a great installment in your series about your hometown.

I'm blessed to have never lost a dear friend. I can't imagine how it must feel.

Ron Thornton said...

Nice shot and, again, great commentary. I think this El Dorado Springs series is great. I look forward to reading more (and more). Keep up the good work.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Thanks for sharing Mike, I know just how you are feeling and am finding that remembering and "talking" about it, even if it is here on my blog, has definitely helped.

I love this shot, great work on the post processing it is sperfect for this type of photo.

jel said...

have a great Thanksgiving Mike!

Faye Pekas said...

This is a very touching post. Thanks for sharing even though it was hard for you.

The photo is amazing. I really love how it turned out. You're right, very "postcard" look.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I live here and I don't recognize this part of town. Good editing, it looks much better :)