Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Pickpocket

We had a downtown field trip with the camera club Sunday evening and one of our members ran over to this brick wall to be our "model." The sun was setting and cast a long shadow on the wall and the way he had his hand positioned it reminded me of a "pickpocket" reaching for him, hence the name of today's post.

I played with this in Photoshop, the original image was much brighter but I felt like the "pickpocket" theme demanded a more night-time look so I cut the saturation level quite a bit. I may display the original later in the week and you can tell me whether you like this or it better.

Got several neat pictures with an urban feel to them so it was a very good trip!


Mark said...

That is a very cool shot. Shadows can be such wonderful components of pictures, and you've captured a great moment here.

By the way, did you recognize the site of my new banner for November?

photowannabe said...

Excellent. A story in one picture.

jel said...


Wolf Lover Girl said...

What a perfect title. It really does look like a pickpocket.

~ Wolf Lover Girl