Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chalmette Ferry

Here are some shots of the Chalmette Ferry which is what we took to get from Algiers on the Westbank of the Mississippi to get to the east bank. I guess they don't get too many people taking pictures. This nice lady gave me a real hard time about it! Besides me Teresa and her brother Tom were taking pictures. I am sure the drivers sitting in their cars were having a good time talking about the nuts with the cameras.

In the end we talked for a while and enjoyed the warm weather and the wind as we finished our crossing of the Mississippi on the return trip.


jel said...

bet that was a cooltrip!

happy new year!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Happy New Year Mike to you and your family, cant remember exactly when I discovered your blog and how but I know it was pretty early on in my blogging days when I started a Photo A Day blog as a challenge at the beginning of 2007. Lots of cyber buddies have come and gone and there has been a lot of water under the bridge, good and bad, but I hope this finds you feeling a whole lot better and here's to a great 2009. My resolution is not to look back, I am going to look forward and build from that, too much energy spent on resentment and what ifs and grudges!

Great photos as always it has been great seeing you frow as a photographer.


Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Oooops that should be .... grow ..... LOL