Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Lights 3

This is the finale on my Christmas light special! These two shots were taken in between the other two and I am happiest with these. The top picture was a house where I had to shoot east away from the setting sun and the bottom one was taken west into the setting sun. I am particularly fond of the bottom one with the aura of light around it. But then I couldn't not take a picture of the house across the street with the nice front porch.

Hope you all are enjoying your lights. Get out and take a few pictures and share your results. Is this a challenge? Why not?

Take care until next time.


Livia Indica said...

Hey Mike. I think the second shot is my favorite of all so far.

jel said...

yup, the second one is my fav. 2 :)

watch out for the storm sunday nite!
take care!

Ms. Math said...

I love all your Christmas light photos - they are so beautiful! I don't want them to end!

Mark said...

The second one here is my favorite of the series, too. You used the wide angle lens to great effect.