Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Harvest is Over

Two large combines sit in a barren soybean field near El Dorado Springs. These things were huge and this was 2 of 4 of them! Talk about a lot of money in one spot.

Not much new here. I have not been getting out too much lately to take pictures. We did have a photo shoot over the weekend that was really fun and I have been absorbed in that. The shoot was a family of six delightful individuals. I will be sharing more of that on Ozark Faces when I am able.

I finished my portrait class the other night and unfortunately had to miss the last class. I wish everyone in the class great success. I admire their work and enjoyed taking the class with them.


jel said...

that is a way cool shot!
I like bw, an the clouds

take care !

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Cool shot Mike, these types of shots are one a kind and make good stock shots. Also would fit nicely into a series of farming photos in B&W.

Taxes is doing okay he is a bit out of place because no-one seems to want anything to do with him and he is the bottom feeder, wheichever group of horses I oput him with which makes me sad because he used to have such a lot of character. He is the only male horse on the property other than our stallion so the poor boy is being picked on terribly.