Friday, January 16, 2009

In Celebration of Democracy

Lincoln in Toast Photo by Teresa Young

With the Lincoln's

This post is to celebrate two things.

First, the inauguration of our 44th President this coming Tuesday. It is truly a great nation that can peacefully change its' leadership every 4 - 8 years (or 13 in one case). I remember reading about the first change in leadership when George Washington calmly rode out of town (Philadelphia back then) and left the reigns of power in the hands of John Adams. This peaceful change of power was virtually unheard of in the world up to that point.

Secondly, I wanted to highlight the upcoming 200th anniversary of President Lincoln's birth. One of our greatest President's, Lincoln like so many of the soldiers that fought for him in the Civil War, gave his life for our country. I would encourage everyone to visit the Lincoln Museum and Presidential Library in Springfield, Illinois. This is probably the greatest of the Presidential Libraries we have visited.

The top picture is one taken by Teresa of a display in a cafe on the square in downtown Springfield, Illinois. Someone very creatively toasted bread so it would come out in the likeness of Lincoln. The bottom picture is taken in the Lincoln Museum and shows us posed next to wax likenesses of the Lincoln family. The picture was modified to black and white and then "old photo" using my NIK software.

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