Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Natural Bridge at Haha Tonka State Park

There is an actual natural bridge in Missouri. It is located at Haha Tonka State Park which is loaded with various examples of Karst topography.

If you look closely you can see Teresa under the bridge, which give you an example of the size of this massive structure.

The odd shaped tree trunk in the foreground is actually the base of a large grape vine.

This was taken last Monday so I converted the picture to black and white which was probably a good choice considering the limited colors in Nature right now.


jel said...


very cool pic,

we have ben there, and that is a big place, and a lot of great places for photo ops ! ;)

take care

Livia Indica said...

Great pic. I have a love/hate relationship with Ha Ha Tonka. When I was a kid we took a big family trip there. My uncle and his girlfriend dragged all of us onto a path that they said was easy. Halfway through what became a trip through hell we saw a sign that said that that particular path was only for experienced hikers. No shit. August, no water, no proper shoes and two very overweight women and a handful of kids. By the time we got off the path most of us were either hurt or vomiting or both. For that reason I've never had the gumption to go back. But this photo is a pleasant reminder of Ha Ha Tonka's natural beauty.

Louise said...

I love Ha Ha Tonka, but don't remember this. Maybe I'll take a jaunt there on my next trip to MO.

When I was little we used to go to a natural bridge somewhere in the Clever/Boaz area, I think. All the time. But it was on private property, is not open to public and is well-patrolled now because of the idiocy of people.