Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art - Part 6

Selected Photographs

Well today will be the last day from the Nelson-Atkins Museum and as I stated I saved my favorite section, photography, for last. Now is where I have to admit I goofed up because I did not take close ups of the plaques which tells the photographers name and the name of the print. I thought I had the info but don't.

The top print is by a photographer who has a book out and has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning which incidentally is the only network news program I watch consistently and like. I like his work and the style he uses, always having hidden details, a person standing, and a car with it's lights on. Wild huh?

The second picture of these is my favorite. I wish I knew who did it. I love this portrait.

The third picture is of Albert Schweitzer in Africa and is also a neat portrait, one I would love to duplicate on Ozark Faces some day. This one is by W. Eugene Smith.

I hope you have enjoyed the visit to Nelson-Atkins. Judging from the lack of comments and visitors it appears I have scared everyone away using the title "Art Museum". I would encourage you, however, to visit your closest local art museum though, even if they don't allow you to take pictures, you can be inspired in your work by the works on display. I know Teresa and I were.

Tomorrow or Monday we move on to more traditional "Ozark Photos" fare.

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Carmi said...

It must be serendipity that brought me here tonight, Mike. I've got my first photo exhibit at an art studio scheduled to open next week...what a neat coincidence!

Thank you for the timely reminder to capture the experience with my camera. Pictures of my pictures...oddly cool!