Saturday, January 03, 2009

Port of New Orleans 2

Here is another shot of tugs on the Mississippi River. These where docked for the holiday and I am sure the crews were enjoying their Christmas day. I liked the way the liked came out on this picture and the business it shows. The mist in the warm air I am sure is due to the cold water flowing south into the warm New Orleans air from the cold north.

I just realized this is my first post of 2009. I have not had a lot of time to take pictures. Teresa and I are painting in the house and putting a lot of the pictures we have taken and entered into competition on our walls. It has been a lot of work but fun. Little do you realize how many prints you accumulate until you start trying to get them on the wall. We had a local photographer, Geoffry Sweet, who did a presentation for our photo club. He was talking about how we need to print our photos rather than leaving them on our hard drives. I agree with him. Just think of all the great pictures out on people's hard drives. At least by showing them on blogs such as this they are out for people to see.

What do you think? Print or hard drives?

I hope everyone is having a great beginning to 2009.

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