Sunday, January 25, 2009

Smokey Hill Railway Museum in Belton, Missouri

It is rare that I can get a decent picture at a railway museum because normally the trains are displayed in rows next to each other about 10 feet apart. The Smokey Hill Railway Museum is small but has some nice equipment including a train that operates during the summers powered by the GP7 shown above. I turned everything on this post to black and white but I am sure you noticed the color version in the header. Which do you prefer?


jel said...


it's the BW one :)

winter is back, take care!

Ron Thornton said...

Mike, I prefer the color one.

Mark said...

I like it in color and in B&W, but the B&W version caught my eye because it reminds me of an old high-contrast print in my darkroom days. The one below it is considerably flatter, which makes the top one stand out even more.