Monday, February 09, 2009

Northwest Arkansas Roller Girls - 2009 Season!

Teresa and I went to Springdale to see the first bout of the Arkansas Killbillies. The NWA Rollergirls put on quite a show and had a lot of fun in their opening event.

We had a lot of fun and I think the ladies are getting used to having me around!


jel said...

cool shots!

I didn't know they had Roller Girls

I use to love to watch that on TV ;)

Brandy said...

We love having you around! Thanks for coming Mike!!

Heidi said...


I have not been around in a while... just have to add that I really enjoyed your post "Study Basketball"... the photos there are wonderful! And the expression you caught on the young man's face on the last one... nice!

Mark said...

So glad to see that you went back again this year. I wish I had known about this organization when I live in northwest Arkansas.