Monday, February 02, 2009

Rock Bridge Memorial State Park

This past Friday evening Teresa and I spent a wonderful evening with Larry and Carol at their Little Cedar Lodge. We had great tacos and salsa along with a great evening of conversation. It is always great to catch up with big brother!

We were up there for a MASL conference. So the next morning I took Teresa to the Columbia Public Library for her meeting and I took off to take some pictures. After a brief detour to Columbia Camera, I headed for Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, home of a couple more natural bridges. I had never been to this park before but Larry said it was pretty good.

Fortunately, the temperature was cooperating rising quickly into the 50's. The scant snowfall they had received the week before was disappearing rapidly. I hiked the trails and made many new discoveries in this wonderful park. First off, Rock Bridge is shown from each side below. Note the damaged boardwalk trail in the first picture. Not sure what caused the damage and I am not sure I want to know!

My second discovery was further to the south and was called Connors Cave. The stairs leading down to it were open but ice covered. Oh well, the attraction was too great so down I went and I managed to stay on my feet the whole time. Probably because I was carrying the camera!

The cave has Ganns Creek running through it but the water was low enough there were stepping stones all the way in. The first picture below was deeper into the cave and the second picture was back toward the entrances. Notice the snow.

This was great fun and I hated to leave but I had an appointment with lunch at Roly Poly Wraps, a local Columbia eatery that was recommended by some of the librarians Teresa was meeting with. If you want to go to Rock Bridge Memorial Park, it is just south of Columbia on Highway 163 and it is well marked. These sites are at the Devil's Ice Box stop.

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Mark said...

Just the kind of exploring I love to do. My current location (north Texas) puts me at a distinct disadvantage for that.

I could almost imagine being in that cave. Thanks for the shots from inside.