Monday, March 16, 2009

Bloggers are the Nicest Bunch of People

Master of Ceremonies Larry Litle
Some of our many local bloggers (Photo by Teresa Young and yes I am in the picture)

Tonight Teresa and I attended our first Springfield Local Bloggers Association meeting to hear the result of the Blogaronis, which are awards for various blogs in many varied categories. This loose association of local bloggers is the brain child of local blogger Larry Litle whose blog can be found at this link. Larry works hard to bring local bloggers together and I have to admit I have been slow on the uptake. Last year I actually found out about winning after the awards ceremony and I didn't find out about this years until very late.

It was a great pleasure to meet some of the other people from across the Ozarks who blog. In my upcoming revision of Ozarks Photos I plan to feature a section of these varied local blogs so you can enjoy the wit and wisdom of this great part of the country.

A couple of shots to celebrate the evening. The first is Larry Litle reading the results of Blogaroni voting and the second a group shot. You know how hard it is to get everyone's eyes open at the same time!

I am also pleased to announce that Ozark Photos was selected for the second year in a row as the Best Photography Blog. Thank you to everyone who voted for this site. I was very impressed with the other sites in the running so I will have to stay on top of things for next years competition!


Jason said...

Great to meet you tonight! Congrats on the win!

jel said...

thats cool,
didn't know there was one around,

way too go, on the win! :)

Katharine said...


Newsy said...

Congrats on the win. You have excellent photos! It was nice meeting you and your wife. I wasn't very talkative. Once I get to know you though... watch out!