Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is Passion Dead?

First off, there is no picture for today. I have been busy doing work around the house all weekend and did not even come close to taking a single picture.

The Pastor at the Church we have been attending made the statement in his lesson today that the term "passion" was dead. He talked about how all buzzwords are dead or dying. He also mentioned that passion as a descriptive term was probably misused anyway as it is actually a word that means "suffering".

I have thought a lot about his message, as I always do. He is probably right. I think in these difficult times we are tired of buzz words put out by those who greedily took our money and came up with hundreds of ways for us to give them more. Where did that statement come from? Gee, I am a capitalist too. I believe in the free market system, but boy did it run a muck. I am glad we chose the path we did. We took care of our debts and only then did we really start investing. As a result, today when and if we choose to retire we don't need to worry about making enough income to make payments. We will still go on investing in retirement plans with the hope that our system gets back in sync, but we have a lot less worry than most.

But back to passion, what is the real word I am looking for. I have a passion for photography. It sounds right. I have a love for photography and photographing the people and places of Mid-America. Is that a better description?

My photographic passion has been waning of late, it seems I will never be as good as others I know. The organizations I have been a part of have become more political and less helpful. I long for the days of simplicity when we didn't have a lot of rules, and when we did simple things as a group for the fun of being and learning together. I have a feeling there are a lot of those in the same organization as me who love the new ways and would fervently disagree with me. Perhaps others would agree. That is fine and proper. If an organization begins to not fit with you there are always others which will.

In the meantime I will go on trying to find my place in the world. Trying to say something with my photography. Looking to develop my art. I will think less about trying to be as good as others and just be good enough for me. Perhaps in that way I will reach my destination.

Thank you all for sharing this journey with me. There are not many of you left from our original numbers. I am not sure what happened. It seems that interest in blogging and the web in general has died with the economy. I am working on changes to Ozark Photos. I hope it will be a better and more interesting place to come visit in the future.

In the meantime good shooting. I can't wait to get out and take some pictures.


jel said...

passion is a word with a lot of diff. meanings,

if i had to make a living with my photography, it would sease to bee fun, too me,

and as for no one blogging , they have gone over to facebook or that other new one, but for me, i will stick to blogging ;)

Katharine said...

Mike- I enjoyed your post and enjoy your photographs. I share many of the same feelings. Photography is also a passion for me, but I have to remember that not all my friends and family share the excitement I get from taking and looking at pictures. I used to be frustrated when I could't do whatever to the same level as others, but I have accepted that and now just try to enjoy it without comparing. I appreciate all the knowledge and ability you have shared with me and how helpful you are in answering my questions.
Hope you have a great week! It's a beautiful beginning...

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Mike, a very thought provoking post, I am one of those guilty of not keeping up to date with my blog posts and reading my blogging buddies' but I try to catch up from time to time and enjoyed this one in particular.

I beg to differ about you not being better with your photography than most, in the short while I have known you through your blog I have seen fantastic growth and would bet that you could come up with the goods for whatever is presented to you. A lot of the "Best Photographers" will never show you their outakes at a shoot, and some will shoot hundreds of photos to get that one good shot that we see and drool over. We grow every time we press that shutter as long as we ask questions about the results. Most of my best shots have been flukes, snap shots, unplanned and taken on the fly, so don't sell yourself short. A lot of photography is a matter of learning a particular formula that works and will work in certain circumstances every time no matter what.

I am afraid that life as we knew it has definitely changed, when I look back on my childhood I shudder when I see where the children and young adults of today are compared to the morals, standards and lifestyles of mine.

On the word Passion, hmmm I have never thought of it in that context, I will definitely mull that over because I also call my photography and horses a passion. Both have been dwindling recently as you know but with the start of warmer weather I am hoping that things will start improving again and I will regain that "fervor" and excitement (almost a joy of being alive) that I used to have when on a horse's back or with a camera in my hands.

I have caught up on your more recent posts and have enjoyed them all along with the photos in them.

Take care and my regards to you and your family.

Louise said...

Just so you know, I still see every post (or almost) because you're in my reader. But I've been behind for a good 5 months, and I just look most of the time--from the reader. I like to see what you post because I'm from Springfield, and every now and then I catch a glimpse of what I would see there.

I could go off on passion, but I won't. I do think that people are passionate about their own things, and those things are fickle.

I don't know what organizations you belong to/have belonged to, but my brother is a photographer in your area, and he told me he doesn't like most of the clubs because they don't seem to be about photography. Maybe that's not what you're talking about, but if it is, there is another who would probably agree with you.

Mark said...

I agree that Facebook and possibly other sites have hurt blogging. Now it seems that people would rather read short, meaningless blurbs from a lot of people instead of longer, more meaningful posts from a few. Oh well. Just contributes more to the short attention span of Americans. Or plays to it, however you see it.

I hope you find a group that satisfies you. A hobby is not worth your time when it's more trouble than pleasure.