Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Many Faces of Ha Ha Tonka State Park

A couple of months ago Teresa and I went to Ha Ha Tonka State Park and I realized I had not finished going through the pictures of this fascinating place. The ruins you see above are all that remains of a luxury hotel that was built here and later burned. There is much more to Ha Ha Tonka State Park than the castle. You saw in an earlier post the natural bridge. Above you see some of the vistas and wildlife you can see from the Lake of the Ozarks portion of the park. I enjoyed visiting the park in the winter as you could get some interesting shots without the leaves on the trees and the rapidly changing weather was a plus too!


Viviana said...

bellĂ­simas fotos. Felicidades. Un placer visual enorme.

jel said...

that is sooooo cool!

and it is a fun place to visit!

have a good day!

Chris Link said...

Woh! I like. Especially the shot from the interior. The low vantage point, the jutting, splayed, jagged walls and the foreboding sky really make this shot. It would not be nearly as powerful with a blue sky. It almost give me vertigo.

Moksha Gren said...

Mike, you've got two of the coolest photos of the old Snyder Castle that I've seen. And growing up just a couple miles from the ruins and spending as much time there as I have...I've seen alot.

If, by some chance, there was a story I was working on which called for this place as a setting and further called for this setting to look and feel a bit creepy (as it does in your fine photos,) would it be ok to use these as visual aids so long as I gave credit where credit is due? That's assuming I ever complete said story ;)

Mark said...

Wow. Now that's one place I would love to see. Your shot of it with the ominous gray sky is wonderful. Nature cooperated by giving you some texture instead of just a smooth overcast. Well processed afterward, too.

Great shots of a place I can't believe I didn't know about yet!

Louise said...

This MIGHT be my favorite Missouri hiking spot. My dad grew up in the area, so I went there even when little (and with no good trails). But your photos will make me see it differently the next time I got. EXCELLENT!!!