Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Men of the Third Missouri Cavalry (Dismounted)

Here is another shot I took of the Third Missouri this past weekend. I am showing individual portraits over at I hope you enjoy them.

I am going to make some significant changes in Ozark Photos over the next few days. It seems that the blogging community is fading away in favor of Facebook type sites. What do you think? Even some of the major photography blogs seem to be slowing down. Perhaps blogging has run its course, I don't know.


jel said...

hey mike,

like the picture,

i'm not a facebook person, tryed it didn't like it.

things are slow around here,
but spring is just around the bend, and it will start to will pick up, :)

hope ya have a good weekend

my word verification is "later"

so later dude! ;)

Anonymous said...

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