Monday, March 30, 2009

Now That is a Trail!

This trail is absolutely not handicapped accessible! One of the trails of Ha Ha Tonka State Park near the big spring that climbs up the cliffs. I took some of my distance shots of the "castle" from here. Click on the picture and look closely at all the levels. You go up then down and then up again. The engineer that designed this thing had a torturous streak in his or her genes.

If you want a workout, going up and down this beast should burn a days worth of calories.


Livia Indica said...

That must the trail that my family and I went on years ago. It goes up, up, up, up, up and over and on and on and on. Back then there weren't any railings or boarded walkways. My uncle said he found this great trail so we all schlepped up the way and about a half hour into it we came across a sign that said "for experienced hikers only". I still wonder about that sign: why put it halfway through the trail instead of at the beginning? That trail nearly killed us and ruined the trip. We could have easily been seriously injured or even killed. It was the mid-eighties and we still harass our uncle about it. That hike was so grueling, difficult, hot and scary that it poisoned us against ever visiting Ha Ha Tonka again.

I'm very glad to see they've made it safer. Your photos almost make me want to see the place again.

Moksha Gren said...

There was a time, as a younger man in far better cardio shape than I am now, that I used to jog this trail. While I look forward to going back to see it again soon, I doubt I'll be moving at any pace brisker than step-step-weeze-step-step-weeze. Especially since I'll most likely be carring my toddler daughter, her amusement at climbing stairs having wained sveral hundred steps back.

Sugar Britches said...

We love Ha Ha Tonka. It has been several years since we've been, but we have indeed huffed and puffed over those trails.

It's pretty gorgeous covered in snow, too.

DrillerAA said...

If you didn't have heart trouble before you start this climb, you most certainly will need an EMT at the end.

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