Friday, April 17, 2009

Front Porch Friday - A Front Porch on the Finley River

This picture of course was taken at my favorite haunt of Linden Falls. I loved the boats and of course the front porch overlooking the river. Some front porches are for visiting with neighbors, this one is for the view and visiting with visitors to the falls.


Mark said...

I don't think you have ever shown us this angle. I must say, the porch is rather upstaged by the boats in the yard. Wow.

Tina Wann said...

Such a beautiful capture! Is this place on the Finley open to the public or is it on private land? Either way, I'm very happy that if I can't stand and see it with my own two eyes, I got to see this beautiful image. Thank you for sharing!

Mike Young said...


It is open to the public. Just take Highway 125 south from Highway 60 about 5 miles to Linden. It would make a great photo location!