Friday, April 03, 2009

Front Porch Friday - The Porches of Old Algiers

Old Algiers is on New Orleans West Bank. Most of these shotgun houses are over a hundred years old having survived hurricanes old enough they were not named; then there were the likes of Betsy, Camille, Ivan and Katrina. The West Bank area of Algiers did not flood during Katrina. There was some wind damage but this area looked fairly normal during our first visit a year after Katrina. Old Algiers is the home of the Algiers Ferry which goes directly from this quaint area directly to downtown New Orleans and the French Quarter.

So many porches and so little time to shoot them all. I liked this stretch of homes because there were so many in a row. The photo was taken on a bright cloudy day so the lighting is a bit flat.

Each one of these porches is a jewel and each one is used. It is a tradition to spend time on the porch in New Orleans and greet your neighbor as well as the tourists.


jel said...

cool shot

but why do ya call them shotgun house?

have agood weekend!

Mike Young said...

Because they are long and narrow like a shotgun! The small frontage is misleading they extend back quite a ways.