Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Announcing the Official Springfield, Missouri Location of the Worldwide Photo Walk


I am proud to announce here at Ozark Photos that Teresa and I are the official organizers of the Springfield, Missouri location of Scott Kelby's Second Annual Worldwide Photo Walk.

The World Wide Photo Walk will take place on Saturday July 18th. We will soon be determining our time and locations. The Photo Walk will last approximately two hours and we will conclude at a local eating establishment to compare screenshots and get to know one another. Each Photo Walk is limited to 50 people and I will be asking for reservations at my email address ozarkphotos@sbcglobal.net very soon.

There is absolutely no charge or fee to participate in the Photo Walk. You can be a amateur or professional or anywhere in between.

I am looking forward to ironing out and announcing the details so watch this site. Visit the link above for more general information.

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Mark said...

Well, rats, the one nearest me (Dallas) is already full. The Fort Worth one doesn't have its page ready yet, so maybe I still have a shot at that one (would rather do Fort Worth, anyway). Or, I could start one for my area... hmmm.