Sunday, May 03, 2009

Artsfest on Walnut Street 2009

Despite cool and cloudy weather this year's Artsfest was crowded, at least on Saturday when the rain stayed at bay.

I was fascinated with this wind sculpture. It and the others on display reminded me of that lady's yard on the movie "Twister." If you don't remember it maybe it is time to rent that movie again! :)

Teresa and I had a great time. I have to take her with me or I would probably have ended up buying something. I love this stuff. We concluded our visit to Artsfest listening to Lee Ellen Starks in concert! As my brother is fond of saying, "Life is Good."

Speaking of my brother be sure and check out his travel blog in the links to the right. He is on another adventure and it is alway fun to see what mess he is getting into and what is for dinner on the trail. Leave him a comment and tell him Mikey sent you. You know it gets lonely on the trail.

Oh and the baby pictures are now posted on Ozark Faces. Let me know what you think.


jel said...

cool shot, glad y'all had a good time,
and i love that movie!

oh and i wiil go say hi to your brother :)

Mark said...

Looks like a decent crowd.

Cool shot of that sculpture. I remember that lady's yard.

I told you I would send you a link to some photos I took. It's an old train dam, supposedly the last one known in the United States.

Livia Indica said...

Wow, beautiful shot of the sculpture. I love the Walnut Arts Fest. Haven't been in a long while but it's always great to see all the unique artwork.