Saturday, June 13, 2009

2009 Finley River Rendezvous in Ozark, Missouri

I took Friday off and Teresa and I cleaned our closet, garage, attic, and shed. We worked on more stuff today. Gee whiz am I tired! But it was not all work...I got to play just a little.

There were so many things going on this weekend. Blue Grass Music at the Ray House at Wilson's Creek, Civil War Days at Hulston Mill and the event shown above which was the Finley River Rendezvous in Ozark. I had to pick one so we chose this one as we didn't get to give it justice last year when we snapped some shots on Sunday afternoon. This year I wanted to give this event my front and center attention and I was really pleased with some of the pictures I got. The rendezvouers were very gracious welcoming Teresa and I to take pictures.

The top two pictures are some overall shots of the site in the Ozark City Park. It was about 9 am so the light was already pretty harsh but there were some opportunities as you will see here and over at Ozark Faces. I loved the lines in the third picture.

We have so much going on! We are down to 2 openings in our Springfield "World Wide Photo Walk. If you are interested in going be sure and get over to to register for this event. Participation is limited to 50 and incredibly we have reached 48! I am looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones at this event. We have a lot planned for the walk so there should be something for everyone.

Activity in the High Noon Photo Contest is picking up. At first I thought Mark was going to walk off with the prize but he has some competition now. Be sure and let your readers know about the contest.

If you live in the Springfield area be sure and either stop by the Finley River Park in Ozark tomorrow or take a drive to Greenfield for Hulston Mill's Civil War Days. You will be glad you did.


photowannabe said...

Love your pictures. Wish I could join the High Noon one but my time is stuffed full right now. Maybe next time you do something I can do it. (:0)

Larry & Carol said...

The rendezvous looks like fun bro. Nice shot of the Indian Paintbrush.