Wednesday, July 29, 2009

World Wide Photo Walk - Springfield Part 3

Due to my recent trip to New Orleans to take care and visit Teresa's mom, I am seriously behind on this blog and giving an update on our photo walk. I have received 50 entries which I am now responsible for judging and turning one lucky winner into Scott Kelby for a chance at a grand prize. From what I have looked at each and every one of my photowalker's pictures is a winner in thier own way and I deeply appreciate the time and care each one of them put into their pictures.

There has been some activity with the High Noon Photo Contest, but not much. I will be setting up a Flickr page to show all of these entries soon. The deadline for entries for this contest is August 15th. You can find guidelines at

I will get some more pictures posted soon and thank each of you for continuing to check on the ever faltering posts to Ozark Photos.

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Mark said...

You're in my RSS reader, so it is no hassle at all to keep track of when you post.

I enjoyed the Photo Walk here in my area, and a friend joined me, but I was a bit disappointed that the group didn't get together after the walk. We didn't look at each other's photos, didn't go eat anywhere. So, my buddy and I went to an English pub neither of us had ever tried. Still, not much camaraderie in the bigger picture (unintended, but I'm leaving it).

This urban photography thing was totally new to me. I enjoyed it, but felt a little lost, as I've never been a big fan. I think it's growing on me.