Sunday, July 19, 2009

World Wide Photo Walk - Springfield, Missouri

I wanted to get a quick posting with the group photos of our Springfield World Wide Photo Walk. We had a great time and it just seemed to reinforce my belief that photographers are some of the friendliest and most helpful individuals around. In our Springfield group we had participants from as far as Columbus, Kansas; Harrison, Arkansas and even New Mexico!

Fellow walker David Strong even brought a model, Lesley, who was immensely popular and was the center of a lot of attention. I am working on my overall pictures of the photo walk; I shoot in Raw so it takes me a while to process photos, and will share those soon!

Thanks to all who participated and I have already noted that several have posted thier contest pictures!


Luke said...

Thanks Mike and all those who helped put it together!! I had a great time!


Jana said...

I wish I could have went! I found out about it to late and it was full. I will watch earlier next year to get signed up!

JAM said...

Looks/sounds like a lot of fun.

Joel said...

I stumbled on your's nice to see shots of the Ozark areas. So, funny story... looking back through your posts, saw this one of a Saturday morning photog walkabout. Me and my little 1 1/2 year old were back by the walking-man sculpture, sitting on the wall, eating our Saturday morning donuts. Fun memory. Great blog.