Friday, August 21, 2009

High Noon Update #2 - Entries Are Posted

All the High Noon Entries have been posted at my Flickr account see this link:

As you can see there were not too many entries but the ones entered were great!


Barb said...

Mike, these are wonderful entries! I'm so glad I played along. It feels good to be in such a talented display. Thanks for the idea. I hope you host another challenge -- don't give up on the participation. I will join in and spread the word!

Mark said...

Glad I checked tonight, instead of from work, as Flickr is blocked there. Enjoy deciding. I know it makes me nuts.

Jack said...

Thanks for the link..nice post..thanks for sharing..

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Ron Thornton said...

These are a very nice group of shots! I would have a hard time deciding.