Tuesday, August 18, 2009

High Noon Update

I am sure my participants are eagerly awaiting the results of the High Noon Photo Contest. I have unfortunately gotten side tracked due to a couple of real shoots. I will post the entries on Flickr and announce the winner over the weekend.


Barb said...

Hi, Mike. Our trip to Iowa for my brother's wedding kept me from dropping in more of my shots for the contest. But it was fun to do the challenge. I appreciate the encouragement to stretch my portfolio. As the photographer for the wedding, I now have about 700 shots from the weekend to go through. Oh, what fun we had!

Josi T said...

I am not involved in this but i am waiting for the result to be announced to see the awesome pictures!

Jack said...

All the best for u..we are all waiting for the results only..tk..

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