Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sunrise on a New Day

These are some more shots taken at Springfield's Nathaniel Greene Park at sunrise. These shots were also taken with the Olympus.

Nathaniel Greene has been the subject of a lot of vandalism and theft. The Master Gardeners put in a lot of effort here only to have thieves steal their plants and damage their hard word. As a result the Park Board has closed the park sunset to sunrise and is in the process of installing security cameras.

It is a shame this country is becoming this way. Our Church has lost 2 air conditioning units and 2 massive planters this summer.

It seems the way of Representative Williams, Kenye West and Serena Williams is getting to be the norm now. As a recent USA Today headline said "What Happened to Civility?"


Mark said...

Gosh. Such uplifting photos to contrast the text. I agree, though, that it seems manners (and not being a thief or a vandal) have gone out the window in favor of whatever feels good at the moment. Some of these folks might not have been intentionally trying to hurt someone else, but they need to learn to think of others before acting. Is it all of the self-esteem stuff they've been teaching kids that's making them turn out this way? You can't think of how it will impact others without negatively impacting your own self-esteem? Blah.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi Mike, I am so far behind on all my blogging and reading and have done a quick recon of allof your wonderful photos and read some of the write ups. I am so sorry I missed the noon challenge, I had every intention of doing it and it just slipped by. I am having a lot of trouble with short term memory at the moment, since L passed, but my long term memory is fine. Stress I suppose and hopefully it will improve as time goes by.

As usual I absolutely love your photos and am so glad to see you are still posting and shooting. My regards to your family and I will try to keep up with everyone from now onwards and post weekly like you are doing here, that way there is not so much pressure LOL.

I am starting a temporary part time job on Monday so will have a bit of income coming in which will be great, hopefully (although it is menial work) it will develop into a long term position, time will tell and it is a start.